Letter to editor

On democracy and moral principles

Dear Editor: Democracy and Moral Principles "It is difficult to see how democracy, which is based on the principle of the will of the majority of the (...)

| February 2015 | 7931 views

Cigarette Smoke and Children’s Intellect

Dear Editor, Children exposed to the smoke of cigarettes have more problems in intellectual development, according to a study of the Cincinnati (...)

| June 2014 | 8111 views

On Richard Konteh’s Disgraceful Exit

By Santhkie Sorie. People who engage in strange activities (there is a prison in England called Strange Ways) often know how to cover their tracks by (...)

| June 2014 | 6596 views

On Child Marriage in Sierra Leone

By Andrew Sankoh, Criminologist and Lecturer, Australia. Child marriage in Sierra Leone must be made a crime if it is not at the moment. What are our (...)

| June 2014 | 6156 views

On the Afta U na U Issue

By Turay-Conteh. The only political situation that will ensure an APC victory in 2017 is the exit of President Koroma, but no other way. If it means the (...)

| May 2014 | 6258 views

On Euthanasia

Dear Editor: Find enclosed a letter to the editor for publication if appropriate. Suffering with Dignity For ethical and practical reasons (...)

| January 2014 | 15615 views

HIV AIDS in the United States

Dear Editor: HIV AIDS in the United States 56,300 people annually contract the AIDS virus in the United States. This figure increases by 40% the (...)

| November 2013 | 6844 views

The Evil of Euthanasia

By Clemente Ferrer. Belgium sanctioned a law on euthanasia that came into force in 2002. A law incited by Holland. In both countries the process was (...)

| August 2013 | 17847 views

Condom industry

By Clemente Ferrer. In Mexico City, Ministers of Health and Education have been gathered to stop the social scourge of AIDS in Latin America and the (...)

| July 2013 | 14511 views

Good Parenting

By Arturo Ramo, Spain. In a book on child psychology I learned that an emotional issue for many children is the lack of self-confidence and how to get (...)

| July 2013 | 14087 views