Letter to editor

Oral Traditions

By Agustín Pérez, Spain. That image of the grandchildren sitting around their grandparents seems to be disappearing. When ethnological studies proliferate wi

| July 2013 | 2675 views

We Should Read

By Federido Gómez “The decrease in the reading habits of a people implies a true mental step back for society. It reduces its creative imagination, its intellig

| June 2013 | 1840 views

Safe Toys

By Clemente Ferrer. European Union Member States have approved new security measures for toys. These will prohibit poisonous substances and limit the (...)

| June 2013 | 1464 views

The Death Penalty

Dear Editor: Find enclosed a letter for publication if appropriate. Contrary to what defenders of the death penalty assert, lethal injections that (...)

| June 2013 | 1400 views

Childhood Obesity

Dear Editor, Find enclosed a letter to the editor for publication if appropriate. Childhood obesity Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases are the (...)

| April 2013 | 1876 views

The Pope Should Hear This

I wonder where this world of ours is leading us to as the writings of those we consider as spiritual advisers and chancellors. They are becoming deceitful (...)

| March 2013 | 2387 views

HRCSL Public Inquiry Report on Bumbuna Events

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Public Inquiry into Alleged Gross Violations of Human Rights in Bumbuna, Tonkolili District in Relation to the Events of 16th to (...)

| October 2012 | 5300 views

Bank of Canada Bows to Bigotry?

Letter to the Editor. Date: August 17 2012. Author: Rachel Décoste, Ottawa, Ontario. www.RachelDecoste.ca Number of words : 707 Subject matter: Xenoph

| August 2012 | 3039 views

Response to UNIMAK Commentary

By Emmanuel A.B. Turay, Makeni, Sierra Leone. Reference to the editor’s note in a commentary column in the Independent Observer published on the 10th May (...)

| May 2012 | 2980 views

On Salone Police Ban on Right Hand Vehicles

Dear Editor, I read an article in the Awareness Times New paper on Wednesday 7th December 2011, with the heading “In Sierra Leone, Police to Ban Right (...)

| December 2011 | 1302 views

On the Miss Diallo Commentary

First Name : Cillaty Last Name : Daboh Great commentary, Bankole. What a pity for this poor African lady. At the same time we must be patient to (...)

| July 2011 | 1189 views