Letter to editor

On the Afta U na U Issue

20 May 2014 at 20:23 | 5885 views

By Turay-Conteh.

The only political situation that will ensure an APC victory in 2017 is the exit of President Koroma, but no other way. If it means the formation of a grand coalition of all other parties let it be but this president must leave office. We have so many talents in the APC may be even better.

The fact is this President must leave or face a humiliating defeat as the Indian Congress Party. If supporters of the ’After u na u’ are hoping for a rig of the coming election, then they will be disappointed. The people are ready for a change and it will happen. President doesn’t have the support of his senior party colleagues and should realize this. Silence does not mean support and knows people are ready to succeed him and it shall be so. If he proves stubborn, a grand coalition will force him out. There will be no second round of elections, he will be defeated thumbs down.