Letter to editor

Lawyer Sadubah on NDC story

Mr. Publisher good greetings. This is a very good article(See African News column). We need to know what nationals of sister democratic countries (...)

| June 2009 | 874 views

Abdulai Bayraytay Writes Sylvia Blyden

June 8th, 2009 Dear Sylvia Blyden, I read your response to my article (published on the June 7th, 2009 online edition of the “patriotic vanguard”) in (...)

| June 2009 | 1094 views

Philip Neville blasts SLAJ

Members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, SLAJ, as well as the public, will recall that after our democratically conducted elections in (...)

| May 2009 | 858 views

Diana Konomanyi is key to APC victory in 2012

By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), USA. The historic APC convention is over. The key success of this historic assembly was the democratic formation of what (...)

| April 2009 | 962 views

Why Do We Have a Diaspora Office at State House?

By Al- Aziz Turay, Arizona, USA. sagifar@aol.com Part One. Is the Diaspora office a private practice office for its director or, a place meant to (...)

| April 2009 | 1004 views

Do not underrate a sleeping tiger!

By Mohamed Aziz Nabe, USA. "Provocation is next to Madness" At least this is what our people say and believe. The SLPP moguls and their Kamajoor (...)

| March 2009 | 901 views

FOSL workshop in Bo, Sierra Leone

We are requesting donations to fund a professional development workshop for teachers to be held in Bo, Sierra Leone July 13-17. FOSL is sponsoring (...)

| March 2009 | 791 views

Patrick Bockarie responds to his critics

For the benefit of those ...that did not know... I will summarize but if you have any more questions, please ask me and I will respond. I have nothing to (...)

| February 2009 | 1877 views

Training programs in labour and price statistics

Dear Colleague: I have received mail from a colleague "Woodson, Lajuan - BLS" to share with the Sierra Leone Public Contacts that the U.S. Bureau of (...)

| January 2009 | 1067 views