Letter to editor

FOSL workshop in Bo, Sierra Leone

10 March 2009 at 23:02 | 796 views

We are requesting donations to fund a professional development workshop
for teachers to be held in Bo, Sierra Leone July 13-17. FOSL is
sponsoring the workshop which will be facilitated by FOSL volunteers who
will cover all their own expenses. The workshop will focus on literacy
through community-based studies related to science, health, and
environment. Both primary and junior secondary teachers will be invited
to participate. A donation of US $ 75.00 will pay for one teacher’s
participation. Donations in any amount are most welcome and all
donations go directly to benefit teachers in Sierra Leone.

You may donate online < http://fosalone. org/donate. php > or by mail with
a check sent to (designate Bo Teacher Workshop):

Friends of Sierra Leone

Box 15875

Washington, DC 20003-0875

For more information about the workshop, contact Richard Frazier <
Richard_frazier@ hotmail.com >