Guinea: Three Journalists Killed on Ebola Visit

Three journalists were among a total of at least eight people who were lynched by villagers during a health team’s visit to a remote part of southeastern (...)

| December 2014 | 16717 views

Congo Brazaville: Journalist Expelled

Sadio Kante More (photo)l, a freelance journalist who has been in the government’s sights for months, was expelled from the Republic of Congo on the night (...)

| October 2014 | 22851 views

Wave of Intimidation of Kigali Media

Reporters Without Borders is worried by the deteriorating environment for the media in Rwanda in recent weeks. In the past few weeks, a journalist has been (...)

| May 2014 | 23409 views

Gambia: Authorities Delay Trial of Journalists

Reporters Without Borders notes that the authorities have delayed the trial of The Voice editor Musa Sheriff and freelance journalist Sainey Marenah on (...)

| January 2014 | 18394 views

Zambia: Two Journalists Arrested

Reporter Without Borders condemns the arrest and detention of Richard Sakala and Simon Mwanza, respectively managing editor and production editor of the (...)

| December 2013 | 23198 views

CAR: Security climate worsens for journalists

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns an increase in threats and violence against journalists in the past few days, including threats by government (...)

| August 2013 | 20568 views

The Gambia: Internet Users Targeted

Reporters Without Borders is very disturbed by amendments to the 2009 Information and Communications Act – the main law limiting freedom of information in (...)

| July 2013 | 16366 views

Zimbabwe: Journalist Attacked by Masked Men

Reporters Without Borders is very worried about the safety of journalists in Zimbabwe after (the recent) brutal attack on Paul Pindani, a reporter for the (...)

| June 2013 | 16554 views

Uganda: Reporter killed, motive still unclear

Reporters Without Borders is shocked by the murder of Thomas Pere (photo), a reporter for the state-owned New Vision media group in the Ugandan capital of (...)

| June 2013 | 16431 views

World Press Freedom Index-2013

After the “Arab springs” and other protest movements that prompted many rises and falls in last year’s index, the 2013 Reporters Without Borders World Press (...)

| June 2013 | 22833 views