Letter to editor

Lawyer Sadubah on NDC story

19 June 2009 at 03:52 | 880 views

Mr. Publisher good greetings.

This is a very good article(See African News column). We need to know what nationals of sister democratic countries like, Ghana etc. are doing politically to help develop their country. It is always nice to learn about good actions.

By this article we have learned that Ghana’s NDC has a branch in Western Canada.The remarks of the Interim of the BC branch of the NDC,Dr. Kwamu Agbemenu, that "the glorious days of Ghana will come again, if Ghanaians put aside their differences and work together for the good of the country", is the same message that we have been pushing ahead in this Forum.He crowns it all, when he said that" the country is for all Ghanaians and that the BC Branch, under his leadership will extend a hand of friendship to Ghanaians, supporting other parties"

I believe that our political practitioners are doing the same thing in the best interest of our country.I have seen executive Members of the SLPP in APC functions and I have also seen Executive members of the APC in SLPP functions. This means that our politicians in the Diaspora, which I am familiar with are doing the right thing. They are advised to read the PATRIOTIC VANGUARD where objective political analysis is the order of the day.

Mr. Publisher this is my take on your article.

Have a Good Night, to all my readers. I love you all and pray for you and pray for Sierra Leone and The United states of nbsp; America.

SaduBah, Esq.