Letter to editor

Do not underrate a sleeping tiger!

17 March 2009 at 08:24 | 839 views

By Mohamed Aziz Nabe, USA.

"Provocation is next to Madness" At least this is what our people say and believe. The SLPP moguls and their Kamajoor infested urchins have made it a way of life to provoke the APC Party leadership at will on whatever the APC government is doing. They are still in complete denial that they had been THUMPED over a year ago.They have that callous irrational way of inciting their members to intimidate members of the APC at all levels, trying to test the resolve of the President and leadership of the APC party. All the reports that have been aired in respect of the disturbances in the city since Friday 13th of March 2009,have proven to be one-sided reports. I am very optimistic the APC supporters, the Mayor of Freetown,and other Officials of the City Council are not stupid or just decided to attack the SLPP Officials and their properties unprovoked. There will be no smoke oozing from a chimney without fire in the oven down in the Kitchen.

I haven’t read in any of the aired reports about the simple notion of blocking the street opposite the SLPP Office so the Mayor, yes the Mayor of Freetown could not pass through to go to his Office which is just adjacent the SLPP office ! Why does it bother the SLPP if the APC members and their Mayor come along the Street dancing with their Mathoma devil? First of all, the dedication of the newly refurbished Clock Tower at Eastern Police is not an APC event. It is an event for all Freetonians and Freetown in general.

It is a shame and outright foolishness by the SLPP people not to have joined other people to celebrate the simple ceremony as decent citizens without any qualms or much ado about nothing. This kind of attitude is just a simple manifestation of their chronic hatred they have for the APC and anything that relates to the APC Party. The President has gone beyond bounds to appease the Senior Members of the SLPP into accepting the basic truth that Sierra Leone does not belong to any singular party or tribe, but to all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of ones political ties or tribal lineage. It is apparent they missed to understand that simple fact. That is why anything any branch of the government does, the SLPP unashamed New Party Chairman John Benjamin or the never relenting hater of the APC and preacher of discord JJ Blood Saffa could be heard claiming credit for the deed. These people were absent when God was dishing out shamefulness to His creation.

The Old SLPP and the New SLPP ( New People) seem to underrate or underestimate the love the people of Sierra Leone have for the President and the government. They think by insinuating rancor and discord among the people, they will succeed in destabilizing the country, thereby they could invite the army to intervene as they had always done in the past. This time, they will have it coming. The people of Sierra Leone are fed up with their reckless behavior. They behave as if we are still campaigning for the Presidential Elections.

Their viciousness and antipathy for the APC is beyond measure, only God knows the volume of their venom. Most of these people who have destroyed the country and left us below the human index should have been languishing in jail, but because the President is playing it cool with them, that is why they don’t want to cooperate with him to develop the country. This time around, they could not rest, they could not sleep, nor could they afford to blink their eyes , but planning to overthrow the Government, because in their minds, Sierra Leone is meant for the Mendes to rule at all times. They don’t have anything to do but to oppose irrationally, no matter what is done.The recent selection of their National Executive explains it all. A Mende infested executive. A guy like El Tayib Bah is only Fullah by name, but he is more Mende than John Benjamin, the Half German, half Mende man.

Now, since they have provoked the APC beyond control, what they will see now as of this moment is the madness of the one being provoked. Now den go know how posin kin krayse when ee hart wam. What has just happened is just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come if they do not desist from their hateful ploy to embarrass the President and his Government. Do not underrate a sleeping tiger.

We might have a very gentle President , but he has the tenacity of a cobra to inflict deadly venom on interlopers. These was the same provocative attitudes they used to mess with President Siaka Stevens when he was Prime Minister in 1968 and asked them to form a coalition government. They used to take pride, especially the people of Pujehun and Kailahun in the hundreds of northerners they had killed and their vehicles destroyed in the 1967 elections,when they went to campaign in those areas.

The same people also prevented and almost injured the President when he was en route to those areas to campaign during the past elections, was it not for the timely presence and intervention of the UN peace keeping forces in Daru. This has always been their pattern. In the North, where you have a stronger hold of the APC, no ill treatment was meted to any SLPP candidate. Family members vied on opposite parties, but they went through without any friction. But not so in their own areas, because they did not have confidence in themselves.

And now they are so determined to derail the government because they think they have an idiot in the State House. But as of now , they will come to know what a sleeping dog can do when awakened by rude intruders.The APC is ready to work with all and sundry to improve the living standards of our people and enhance the economic development of our nation. Any undue interruption from any uncivilized and unpatriotic individuals or group of persons will be met with the utmost resistance , by all means necessary.