Letter to editor

Why Do We Have a Diaspora Office at State House?

12 April 2009 at 04:52 | 938 views

By Al- Aziz Turay, Arizona, USA.


Part One.

Is the Diaspora office a private practice office for its director or, a place meant to seek the interest of members from the Diaspora? I am saddened and very disappointed to express my feelings regarding the treatment of our State House Diaspora office towards our members while over there. There have been so many unofficial reports about the way the Diaspora boss Dr. Sho- Sawyer, is treating men and women from the Diaspora.

During my recent visit to Freetown/State House, my intention was nothing but to discover the truth about the attitude and behavior of this so-called director.

On Thursday March 5th 2009, I was in this office to see Mr. Kalie Musa and also, to see our Diaspora office for the first time since it was created. Upon arrival, Dr. Sawyer was not in the office. I was introduced to the staff working in there whose countenance I deemed pleasing and I was greeted in a manner I can describe to be genuine. While in the office, Dr. Sho Sawyer came in and sat on his seat opposite me. He gave me a dirty look at which point, Mr. Kalie Musa respectfully introduced me to Dr. Sawyer by referring to me as a colleague and a Chapter President from the Grand Canyon State of Arizona, USA. As I was about to stretch my hand and greet Dr. Sawyer, whether conscious or unconsciously, he ignored my hand and then nonchalantly said: “Yea, Bo.” I was astonished to see a man of his caliber, with such an important office, badly treating fellow members he is bound to respect and welcome whenever one is there.

Dr. Sawyer, if you don’t know, you are a public servant to serve members of the Diaspora. I also saw you talking down to a female staff member inappropriately. There is one thing you need to know in the work place, we are bound to respect one another, we may not agree or like each other but, just treat others with the maximum respect they deserve and be professional at work. Do not use intimidation to frighten others, much is expected to whom much is given. I was not there to snatch your job, I had a reason to be at State House at that time and, stepping into the Diaspora office was just a mere courtesy. Please keep this in mind as from today: “On your way up treat those you pass gently, they maybe there on your way down.”

Please Dr. Sawyer, the APC Convention is right at the corner and we are sending our colleagues down there to represent us. I have already explained to them what I personally observed about your behavior in that office but all I will say here is, they deserve respectable treatment and they should have it because they are going to Freetown on official assignment. It is always good to swallow our pride in order to get things done in an acceptable way. It is very frustrating for someone like you to disrespect party members. Mind you these members stood firm when the APC was at the brink of sinking down. They did everything to get the APC to its present peak. If you are fortunate to be where you are, please respect others including your subordinates in the office. Please, if you have any comment for me I encourage you respond through this news paper.