The New Scramble for Africa

Scramble for and re-partitioning of Africa (The case of Sierra Leone between the two powers: China and USA). By Patrick Brima Kapuwa, Jilin (...)

| August 2010 | 2804 views

Secret societies in Sierra Leone

By Maada Gumbu, Freetown. Since the pre-colonial era secret societies have played a dominant role in the politics of African societies including Sierra (...)

| August 2010 | 17619 views

Strasser: The evil that men do

By Joseph S. Sherman, Washington, DC. Shakespeareโ€™s play Macbeth shows the roots of all evil, our own human nature. The play is centered on the (...)

| August 2010 | 2011 views

Don’t Blame Christiana Thorpe

By Abdul Karim Kabia (Fonti), Freetown. The Chief Electoral Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Dr. Christiana Thorpe has been (...)

| July 2010 | 1855 views

Another rejoinder to Sylvia Blyden

By Chrstian Foday Sesay, Texas. Sylvia Blyden, Editor of Awareness Times, has done it again! This time, fallaciously alleging that Abdul Tejan-Cole, (...)

| May 2010 | 1877 views

SLPP leadership battle and State House in 2012

By Sarjoh Aziz Kamara, U.K In a yearโ€™s time the Sierra Leone Peopleโ€™s Party (SLPP) will be holding its last convention before the much anticipated 2012 (...)

| March 2010 | 1798 views

Sylvia Blyden Reacts to Christian Sesay

Dear Editor, I have read Christian Foday Sesayโ€™s (CFS) latest lengthy piece of January 31st 2010 and try as hard as I can, I have been unable to really (...)

| February 2010 | 1932 views