Down with fanatics and fools!

By  | 13 May 2010 at 05:10 | 1925 views

The unfolding drama characterising patriots leaving the borders of Sierra Leone will make Your Excellency sleepless, feeble, non-revolutionary and vulnerable to political ‘hawks’, economic vampires, and ‘social bacteria’.

I, in no uncertain terms would have preferred more than half of the cabinet of Dr Ernest Koroma be locked up in a ‘hell’ prison than to allow the former Anti- Corruption Commissioner resign his position, if only His Excellency had known the magnitude of challenges he would face without Mr Cole.

Mr Cole is the ‘Torch’ of a government that was once thought of redeeming Sierra Leone from the ‘grave’ of mismanagement of the former SLPP government to a level of a take-off. But today, the cankerworms of Dr Koroma’s government, some corrupt opposition ‘dragons’ and the ‘dancing’ political supporters who prefer to blame and regret later after futile actions joined forces to drive the ‘lamb’ of development away like a candle in the wind.

Beyond all reasonable doubt, patriotic Sierra Leoneans will be heart-broken to read the resignation letter of a man of integrity, confidence, grace, who portrays the indelible characteristics of Martin Lurther King Jr. I would have loved Mr Cole to stand like the living legend Nelson Mandela and live strong through out turbulent times but never to give up. Mr Cole’s comparison with King Jr was for a dream he had to trash away an endemic, systemic, and systematic corruption that has been characteristic of Sierra Leone since colonial to post-colonial times. Unlike King Jr. whose dream was realised after his death, Mr Cole’s dream will never be realised even after his death unless Sierra Leoneans get up and stand for their rights and fair share of the national basket.

Political Think Tanks say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But I tell you, Your Excellency, corruption destroys hope and absolute corruption gives up a nation’s development absolutely. Unfortunately, most short-sighted Sierra Leoneans are accustomed to dancing with corrupt songs and lyrics. They never try to understand the message in the songs or lyrics. How can they face this ‘broken’ pillar of national development when they are treated like cows with some amount of salt?

Today, as Mr Cole is no longer a bulldozer to remove embedded corrupt institutions and individuals: Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Civil Servants, Trade Unions, Non-Governmental Organisations, Universities, Tertiary Institutions, Secondary and Primary Schools are back to business as usual.

Without any single doubt, the corruption at Water Quay will triple and that of Police personnel will double. Every sector of socio-economic development will be reckless and become phantasmagoric. As long as this continues to be the norm of present day Sierra Leone, the small nation state will recycle to another neo-violence that will bring down the whole economy to stand still position. Your Excellency, are you aware of the Red shirt struggle in Bangkok and the people’s power that forced the former Head of state of Kyrgyzstan to run away? I admonish you not to be complacent. The astonishing surprise of a man comes from negligence.

Your Excellency, the crying toddlers are asking you to provide them with a Sierra Leone they can be proud of when they grow old. They would not like to be like the present children in the streets of our country just because of endemic corruption, patronialism and clientelism. Please save Sierra Leone.