Salone Citizenship: Compare and Contrast

By Sewanu Kponou Atlanta, Georgia. Almost two years to the day, a man whose father studied in the United States for a few years, and left, was voted in (...)

| November 2010 | 1943 views

Natin Pass Advantage

By Paul Conton, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The wholesale destruction visited by the government upon Wilkinson Rd leaves one, at times, dumbfounded. Even (...)

| November 2010 | 2041 views

Evil journalism in Sierra Leone

By Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, Stockton, California, USA. Just a few weeks ago, the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) correspondent in Sierra Leone , (...)

| October 2010 | 1982 views

APC is indeed a grateful party

By Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, Stockton, California, USA. The recent brouhaha between the erudite lawyer cum politician Charles Margai of the Peoples (...)

| October 2010 | 1881 views

Dr. Kelfala Kallon’s unreasonable blame game

By Joseph Seidu Sherman, Washington, DC. Indeed, it is no surprise that Dr. Kelfala Kallon is among the misinformation clique of Sierra Leoneans that (...)

| October 2010 | 1970 views

Chinese Traditional Culture and Foreign Policy

Speech delivered in Toronto, Canada, June 11, 2010, by Wang Zaibang, Vice President, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). I (...)

| September 2010 | 2654 views

Brain Power to Muscle Power

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The government of President Ernest Bai Koroma is 3 years old. It is mid term. If it were in the United (...)

| September 2010 | 2022 views

Access to medical care is social justice

By Moses Massa, Executive Director, New Initiatives for Peace, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Since independence, governments in Sierra Leone, with some (...)

| September 2010 | 1928 views

The price and implications of our democracy

Alimamy Jaiah Kai-Kai, USA. Well, let’s face it. Before the Sierra Leone Presidential and general Election in 2007, I recall, Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma, now (...)

| August 2010 | 1925 views