Salone: The politics of under-development

Commentary By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria, Bergen, Norway. Corruption as a word, concept and even social behavioral attribute has been a key (...)

| December 2009 | 1665 views

Health Minister Did Nothing Wrong

By Moses Komrabai Koroma, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The Minister of Health and Sanitation Mr. Sheku Tejan Koroma who was recently relieved off his duties (...)

| November 2009 | 1671 views

If Emmerson were a journalist

By Fayia Sellu, California, USA. The recent furor over Sierra Leone’s top musician Emmerson’s release of “Yesterday Betteh Pass Tiday”, says tons about (...)

| November 2009 | 1903 views

Guinea: Justified coup or justified war?

Editor’s note: This article is being re-published due to recent events in Guinea. It was first published after the Dadis military junta came to power in (...)

| November 2009 | 1613 views

Manufactured nationalism and empty slogans

By Mohamed Yongawo, London, UK. Few weeks back I was in our beloved motherland – Sierra Leone the Land that we all Love, of course. As always, before the (...)

| October 2009 | 1841 views

Saving Sierra Leonean print and online media

By Roland Bankole Marke, Florida, USA. I’ve been toiling with the idea of making a strong case on why we need to support and protect Sierra Leonean owned (...)

| September 2009 | 1294 views