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SUK released

Professor Sheikh Umarr Kamarah, who was detained for almost two weeks at CID headquarters in Freetown has been released today. He is a Professor of (...)

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Sheik Umarr Kamarah still at CID

By Our Correspondent Professor Sheik Umarr Kamara (photo), who teaches at Virginia State University and is also an employee of the Sierra Leone Mining (...)

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Abu Abu reinstated

Abu Abu Koroma, Resident Minister of the Northern province of Sierra Leone who was under suspension for a couple of weeks now has today been ben reinstated (...)

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Functions of Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister

By Elkass Sannoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone The Office of Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister was controversially misunderstood after being created by President (...)

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Sheikh Umarr Kamarah at CID headquarters

By Our Correspondent Professor Sheikh Umarr Kamarah (photo) is currently at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department in Freetown. (...)

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