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President Bio talks to Al Jazeera

PV Staff Earlier this month President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone talked to Al Jazeera in a lengthy interview covering a wide range of issues (...)

| 1 month ago | 987 views

Paopa launches massive job creation program

By Our Reporter When president Julius Maada assumed power on April 18, 2020, he stressed two things in many of his speeches: Free Quality Education and (...)

| 2 months ago | 1279 views

Global transformation of Sierra Leone

Global transformation of Sierra Leone under the Chairman, Presidential Presidential Infrastructure Initiative (OPII), Office of the President By (...)

| 2 months ago | 1247 views

MCC: Financial assistance with good intentions

By Our Correspondent Maria Brewer, the American ambassador to Sierra Leone, was on Monday at State House to give President Bio the latest scorecard on (...)

| 2 months ago | 1126 views

France to reopen embassy in Freetown

Commentary By Gibril Koroma, Editor/Publisher, Toronto, Canada The recent visit to Sierra Leone by Mr. M’jid El Guerrab, a member of the French (...)

| 2 months ago | 1173 views

Intellectual Property in Sierra Leone

Intellectual Property in Sierra Leone: Status, Prospects & Policy Recommendations Author: Oluwagbemileke Joy Jegede Editor: Michaella Jane (...)

| 2 months ago | 1363 views

Minister Sandy and the land thieves

Commentary By Santigie Momoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone I have been quietly observing Dr. Dennis Moinina Sandy (pictured) since he "assumed office" as (...)

| 2 months ago | 1239 views