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Ontario: Stronger hospitals, better care

Today (March 22), Premier Kathleen Wynne announced there will be an additional $822 million investment in Ontario hospitals in 2018-19 — an increase of 4.6 (...)

| March 2018 | 2464 views

Message to APC supporters in Canada

On behalf of the Vice Chairman I, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara and the Acting Chairman, Comrade Mohammed F.Taqi Jnr of the APC Canada Branch, we wish to (...)

| March 2018 | 2747 views

Book Review: A suitcase full of dried fish

Bakar Mansaray: ;A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and other stories’ www.mandingoscrolls.blogspot.comSierra Leonean Writers Series, 2016.pp. 212. (...)

| February 2018 | 3287 views

Book Review: My Afro-Canadian Chronicle

Bakar Mansaray, ‘My Afro-Canadian Chronicle’, www.mandingoscrolls.blogspot.comSierra Leonean Writers Series, 2017.264pp. ISBN-10: 9988869797; ISBN-13: (...)

| January 2018 | 3020 views