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APC-Canada inauguration: Photo story

The APC-Canada inauguration ceremony was held last Saturday in Toronto, Canada. Delegations came from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and (...)

| October 2017 | 1942 views

The big day is here!

Hotel Information for Delegates to the APC-Canada Branch Inauguration Ceremony The Planning Committee of the APC-Canada Branch Inauguration has (...)

| September 2017 | 2328 views

APC-Canada inauguration countdown

Dear Comrades, Friends and Supporters of the All Peoples Congress Party here in Canada and beyond, Our profound greetings to you all on behalf of our (...)

| September 2017 | 3562 views

APC-Canada Branch announces two new appointments

On behalf of the Board of Advisers, Executive members and the entire membership of the APC-Canada Branch we want to seize this moment to congratulate (...)

| September 2017 | 2758 views

Thunder Bay Damascus Donair

By Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, Canada. Zaher and his family are an inspiration! They are a family of Syrian refugees sponsored by the Redwood (...)

| August 2017 | 1267 views