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Ontario protects free speech on campuses

Ontario Premier Doug Ford commented on free speech in the province’s colleges and universities recently: "Colleges and universities should be places (...)

| September 2018 | 2764 views

GhanaFest in Vancouver

By Our Correspondent Surrey’ Bear Creek Park in Vancouver, Canada, witnessed a splendid display of Ghanaian culture and hospitality, friendship and (...)

| July 2018 | 3997 views

Toronto: Taste of Africa’s good taste and fun

PV staff It’s a beautiful Saturday July 14 at Caledonia Park in Toronto, Canada. Not too hot, not too cold. Just the perfect day for the Taste of Africa (...)

| July 2018 | 3859 views

Marian Kamara’s store in Toronto

Visit Sierra Leonean business woman Marian Kamara’s store of beauty products in Toronto. Click on the link below:

| June 2018 | 2613 views

Big wedding in Toronto

Wedding Ceremony & Celebration Friday June 29- Long Weekend Saturday, June 30 Sunday; July 1 Monday; July 2 Fatmata Jibateh and David Sinnah (...)

| June 2018 | 2858 views