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Engaging Minds Child Care, Toronto, Canada

About Us Engaging Minds Child Care is the creation of a working parent for working parents. Our goal was to create a space where children feel comfortable (...)

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Celeste London, Natural Medicine practitioner

Hello there! My name is Celeste London; a Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, and a Singing Bowl Healer. I’m dedicated to guiding solo moms on (...)

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Markham International Trade Centre, Canada

About Us Markham International Trade Centre The purpose of the Markham International Trade Centre is to assist incoming delegations who are looking to: (...)

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Learn-to-Trade Company in Toronto

Learn-to-Trade Company in Toronto We provide in depth training and techniques that aim to create successful traders on the financial market. After (...)

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Introducing DJ-C4 of Toronto, Canada

DJ-C4 has been rocking dance floors, bars, and clubs both internationally and nationally for over 10 years with the range of experience spanning from UK to (...)

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Toronto: Funeral in Sierra Leone community

By Paul Sowa Our Sierra Leonean brother, the late Dr. Abdulai Mohamed Deffie will be laid to rest this weekend here in Toronto. Our thoughts and prayers (...)

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ASM Dispute Resolution Service, Toronto

About Us Adi is a Toronto based mediator with over a thousand hours of mediation and negotiation experience. In addition to running her practise, Adi works (...)

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