The New Innocents

By Isabel Costa. About two thousand years ago, the Roman emperor Marc Anthony gave the title of king to a foreigner called Herod the Great (photo) (...)

| July 2013 | 13321 views

The Neo-Epicureans

By Robert Grao Epicureanism is a system of philosophy taught by Epicurus of Samos, a Greek philosopher who lived from 341 till 270 B.C. Epicurus (...)

| June 2013 | 5632 views

Others and I

By Agustín Pérez Human relationships are always complex, hence the interest in cultivating a sixth sense to tune in to people around us, to get to know them, to

| June 2013 | 2523 views

Values, Personality and Character

By Miguel Zapater. Nowadays, because of existing relativism, there is a deep moral crisis of values that are affecting different society dimensions (...)

| June 2013 | 3789 views

Abortion Damages Mental Health

Opinion By Gabriel Rosello, Spain. The intentional killing of infants is called infanticide. The presence of human life, in the moment of conception, (...)

| June 2013 | 1603 views

God in Haiti

By Alejandro Benedicto, Teruel, Spain. Faced with the human—though not humanitarian—catastrophe in Haiti, many people say “God doesn’t exist, because if He (...)

| October 2012 | 3625 views

Tony Blair and Sorious Samura

Sorious Samura is a citizen of Sierra Leone. Sorious, who thirteen years ago was a relatively low-level SLBC TV camera man, went stratospheric when he (...)

| April 2012 | 4894 views

At last, African Culture in Mainstream Thinking

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong, USA. The “City Forum on Culture and Development,” a policy orientated venture held in Accra to openly strategize the African (...)

| November 2011 | 2903 views

Is Rwanda the Singapore of Africa?

By Alfred Sorie Kargbo, Netherlands. Education is the heartbeat and power-engine of development. To have a cutting edge and sustainable development (...)

| November 2011 | 1606 views

Whose dictator is Gaddafi?

By Yash Tandon. Credit: Pambazuka News Yash Tandon explains the contradictions of ‘imperial finance capital’ in controlling neo-colonial states like (...)

| August 2011 | 1660 views