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Why DEI makes sense for Canada

27 May 2024 at 17:39 | 607 views

By Allen Alexandre


I would like to share with you my most recent piece published in the Toronto Star, my third collaboration with the country’s largest newspaper.

I decided to pen this piece as a way to appeal to our better angels in light of a growing trend and a number of recent events in both the U.S. and Canada that have unveiled a strategic opposition to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, with a clear agenda to roll back the progress, however limited, that we have made in the last few years through DEI initiatives.

In the past and in my most recent publications in the Toronto Star, Open Canada and La Presse, I have always cautioned against this naive notion that as Canadians we are immune to transgressive American speech and behaviour, that we are the "good guys" of the north. The truth is that our cultural and geographical proximity just makes this task almost impossible. At the same time, I have also always expressed my unwavering faith in our collective ability to succeed if we truly commit to our values.

In this latest piece I argue precisely that– that the intertwined fabric of American and Canadian societies underscores how setbacks to DEI progress in the U.S. inevitably can reverberate across the Canadian landscape. I also make clear that there exists an intricate dance between progress and the shadows of regret because progress challenges societal trajectory but also poses a direct threat to deeply entrenched interests and to those, wherever they are, who benefit from the status quo.

As data consistently underscores the effectiveness of DEI measures, refuting assertions of inefficiency or mere illusion, embracing DEI as a fundamental principle equips organizations with a competitive edge and fortifies their path towards enduring triumph.

Finally, I suggest that as we navigate societal shifts and fend off external pressures, reinforcing fairness as a quintessential Canadian value becomes imperative for sustainable progress and resilience.

I invite you to have a read and share any thoughts, impressions, and feedback.