The "infamous" Bo School?

21 April 2019 at 20:26 | 16428 views

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in June, 2007.

By Alpha Lebbie (Fonz), USA.

On an internet blog site that I visited last week, the blogger, who happens to have volunteered in Sierra Leone for a Canadian NGO , showed a picture of what he called "the infamous Bo School".

What drew my attention here is the dilapidated state of the school. And for one thing ,inspite of the dilapidated state of Sierra Leone ,THE BO SCHOOL has no reason to be in such a state. After all ,this school has produced luminaries, statesmen, and very important dignitaries in Sierra Leone and in most anglophone countries from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Gambia and Nigeria.

In essence, if all Bo School boys in both Sierra Leone and in the diaspora can pool resources together and rehabilitate their alma mater, they might have shown their ingrained pride as Bo School boys.

It is my candid suggestion that OBBA( the Old Bo Boys Association ) in the U.S.A. and Canada and even in Sierra Leone start donating monies to the Principal, Bob Katta, for at least painting the entire school campus.

However , the run down state of the school is a microcosm of the run down state of the entire country. When the British built the school in 1906, it was for the training of the best in the country. That the school helped in the creation of the new country in 1961 is a fact. What should exercise our minds is to what extent this school has contributed to Sierra Leone’s development. With the civil servants, politicians and other dignitaries it has produced, our country should have been grateful.

To start to right this malaise in the country inevitably has to start with rehabilitating this school.

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Alpha Lebbie (Fonz)