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Celeste London, Natural Medicine practitioner

24 July 2019 at 16:31 | 797 views

Hello there! My name is Celeste London; a Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, and a Singing Bowl Healer.

I’m dedicated to guiding solo moms on embracing self-care and to heal themselves from all forms of trauma through my holistic therapeutic services. I understand that it’s not easy spending life as a solo parent. I will direct you on how to improve your quality of life as a single mom by showing you how to implement whole food dietary protocols and a holistic approach to life. Whether you are struggling with the emotional roller coaster ride of single parenthood, acute health issues, or are looking to relax from the daily rituals of doing everything by yourself, you are all covered!

My approaches have been tested and proven to be foolproof, thanks to hundreds of happy and satisfied clients.

I am ready to guide you through your transformation process of living a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. You are highly welcome!

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