How Do We Reverse the Brain Drain?

By Philip Emeagwali, USA. For 10 million African-born emigrants, the word "home" is synonymous with the United States, Britain or (...)

| January 2009 | 4038 views

DENI: How practicable is it?

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria, Bergen, Norway. The scope of this paper is not to sell nor justify the DENI concept to Sierra Leoneans at home and /or (...)

| January 2009 | 1038 views

New Year in New York

By Alhaji Jalloh, New Jersey, USA. I understand that most government functionaries and business tycoons in Freetown disappeared in their offices days (...)

| January 2009 | 1006 views

Sierra Leone needs trade, not aid

By Mohamed C. Bah President -Sierra Leone community Association-Atlanta, GA. The political climate in Sierra Leone today as it has been in many (...)

| December 2008 | 1868 views

Remembering January 6th, 1999

By Victor A. Massaquoi, USA. January 6th, 1999 would continue to be a day that would always live in infamy. Just as American and Japanese historians (...)

| December 2008 | 1112 views

A Tribute to Kadija Sho-Sawyer

By Karamoh Kabba, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Kadija Jalloh was a self-motivated, self-determined, unassuming and kindest young woman I’ve ever known. I (...)

| December 2008 | 1584 views

Security forces running amok in the Gambia

By Scott A Morgan. In the middle of November while the rest of the world was marking the End of the First World War Amnesty International Released A (...)

| December 2008 | 1205 views