States of Development

Many have argued that the key to development in Africa is more financial aid and more democracy. But neither played a big role in the economic take-off of (...)

| October 2005 | 708 views

Mass Deception in Sierra Leone

In this first installment of what promises to be a lengthy article, our analyst in Norway, Gbakanda Kamara, looks at mass deception, one of Sierra Leone’s (...)

| October 2005 | 781 views

Sierra Leone and New Labour Militarism

Even though aspects of this historical analysis are dated, for example the reference to Robin Cook the late British Foreign Secretary, it is one of the (...)

| September 2005 | 875 views

Berewa and the 2007 Titanic Battle

The year 2007 is a bit far away for many people. But not for Sierra Leoneans, as that year offers, once more, a chance for that troubled nation to vote for (...)

| September 2005 | 820 views

War and Peace in Sierra Leone

A lot of analyses on the Sierra Leone civil war have been published and many more will come. In this poignant piece, The Patriotic Vanguard’s UK (...)

| August 2005 | 1492 views

Is There an African Democracy?

African democracy or democracy in Africa has always been a troubling proposition.Many scholars have ridiculed what passes for democracy in Africa while (...)

| July 2005 | 915 views

The Case for Literature

In this masterpiece, the Nobel laureate for Literature for the year 2000, Xao Xinjiang, who is now a French citizen and lives in Paris, outlines his views (...)

| July 2005 | 731 views