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Why Samura Kamara is in the United States of America

20 March 2023 at 16:10 | 2640 views

By Gbaksondo Kloiloi, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Yesterday, a press release from the APC, the main opposition party in Sierra Leone, signed by Abdul Kargbo, informed the public that their presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara ( seen in photo (fourth from left) ready to depart for New York with his lawyers and prosecutors at Freetown International airport), is visiting the United States of America to meet with party members.

This was swiftly denied by Alfred Peter Conteh, a member of the same party. Patrick Maada Koroma, alias Gentle, a member of the ruling SLPP also debunked it in a video clip. He spoke in Krio, the widely spoken language of Sierra Leone.

Here is Alfred Peter Conteh:

The Interim Transitional Governance Committee ITGC’s attention has been drawn to a social media post circulating on all social media platforms allegedly signed by the purported publicity secretary informing the public about the departure of Dr. Samura Kamara to the United States of America.

In the said press release, it was stated that Dr. Samura Kamara is going to the United States of America to have engagements with key stakeholders on future governance issues which to us is misleading and misplaced of honesty by those we should trust.

It could be recalled that, in the last ruling of Justice Fisher on the ongoing Sierra Leone Chancery trial, it was ordered that for the court to give a proper verdict on the case, there should be "locusts in co". Where the court will move to the United States and get first-hand information and physically access the Chancery building.

It is on that note that Dr. Samura Kamara and a team of his lawyers together with the High court Judge and members of the prosecution team are leaving the shores of Sierra Leone for the states.

Therefore I urged the purported publicity secretary to apologize to members of the All peoples Congress party and the general public as a whole.

We also urged him to deviate from giving fake pieces of information to Sierra Leonean in the future as politics of deceit has no place in the 21st century.

Victory is ahead of us on June 24th when the ITGC would have presented a team that has no pending criminal trial and is capable of winning the elections in the first ballot. In the cause of struggles of the APC, there’s a victory

Signed Alfred Peter Conteh Chairman (ITGC)

And here is the version of Patrick Maada Koroma alias Gentle: