Letter to editor

Voting is not the end of responsibility

2 November 2007 at 06:01 | 910 views

Dear editor,

Kindly send this message across so many people will understand why qualified Sierra Leoneans living abroad especially supporters of this government should make sacrifices and accept jobs offered to them by the president.

It must be clearly understood that party members have the moral obligation to participate in the building of a new Sierra Leone for all of us. Those who think they have done their work by helping the party become victorious, now they can relax and dance "dondo sebe" are on the wrong track.

Honest people must stand up and tell these supporters that the job is not finished yet; they should ask our leader for jobs so that they become part of the system working toward the improvement and development of the country.

A true party supporter must be vigilant and participative, so that good grades would be earned. We do not want party supporters to lay back and tell us that our job is finished and that we no longer care what president Koroma does. I believe this is betrayal and butchery of the people of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans including the party itself. Voting for your political party is not the end of responsibility, you also have the burden, moral obligation and duty to make sure your party is functioning properly.

Unlike many party supporters living in Sierra Leone, young people abroad will be discharging their duties and they will not be asking for rewards from the president or the government because they helped the party. Love for the party and Sierra Leone are forces that drive someone to quit his job abroad and head some ministry full of thievery, corruption and mismanagement.

It is risking one’s life because you will be hurting many people (who are used to getting their bread through any crookish method) as you strive for decency and honesty to prevail. You know there is hell to pay, but unless bold Sierra Leoneans sacrifice for their party, conditions will remain the same.

I hope people will understand that I am not scaring any one or pushing any one into trouble, so please let nobody misunderstand me or think negatively about me. But think also that if the party you supported fails to deliver, some people will cast blame on you. Some people voted for the party because you convinced them beyond all reasonable doubt that president Ernest Koroma will soften the hardship.

I am appealing to all party supporters to ask our president for a quota so that party supporters would have the opportunity to assist in building a new Sierra Leone. Collecting money through fund raising activities in order to strengthen the coffers of the party is not enough. I know most of you, so there will be no hiding places down there and behind the walls if you fail to work with your party and provide guidance and a sense of direction. Many of you have good ideas and skills that are needed and those will be catalysts and buffers to accelerate development. Forget about crooked newspaper malicious scandals and ignore the devilish maneuvers to deter you from going in the right direction.

How long should people be encouraged to continue playing dirty games so as to bring setbacks? You will be the deceivers of the nation if this government should fail. I believe this will be unfair and irrational, therefore if you are A.P.C., and the party is your party, you must strive for a chance to participate and deliver. Stop hiding behind the dark walls and between the thick fogs. We can see you and the song is ’no hiding place’. Una nor do dat to wi again. Na for woke for yu party en yu kuntri.

Thank you very much, editor and readers.
Sorie M. Jawara, Washinton DC, USA.