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Vancouver: World AIDS Day Concert 2009

21 December 2009 at 23:57 | 806 views

By Our Correspondent

Vancouver can be a competitive place for musicians; it’s a rare occasion that artists of many talents rally in support of an important cause. On November 29, 2009 passionate people gathered at Ray Cam Community Centre to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in honor of World Aids Day. James Kamau (photo), the executive director of Youth Initiative Canada - spearheaded the project and brought together rappers, dancers and singers to entertain and educate the youth, children and adults of Vancouver.

Joining the stellar cast were various like-minded organizations from around the globe: Battered Women’s Support Services, Bavubuka Foundation, Tattoos For Now, World Vision, Foundation Radio, Youth Challenge Initiative Black Dot and Roots Culture Collective and Global Agents for Change offered information and support to the attendees lingering on the sidelines. Caribbean food, temporary tattoos and massages helped raise funds and as James began his introductory speech, a hush fell on the crowd. He stated the intention of the World Aids campaign to “build on the diverse strengths and contribution of individuals and organizations by first encouraging them to pledge their own leadership in the response to HIV and AIDS,” continuing that “these commitments can also make governments realize that a wide range of people…want to be part of an effective response.”

Hip hop stars Deanna Teeple and Ndidi Cascade

Among the diverse and talented performers were Scruffmouth the Scribe - who delivered a buttery smooth spoken word piece – as well as the blues-driven trio Delta Blues and pop/hip-hop blend Black Majic. Lesotho-born rapper HeatWave had the crowd dancing to his poignant rhymes and the always eclectic Ninjaspy treated the audience to their unique fusion of hardcore, ska and funk. Culturedef, Sunskript, Ndidi Cascade & Deanna, and Discreet Da Chosen 1 also gave of their best creative musical expression. A very young breakdancer showed off his moves, followed by some intricate salsa steps by the salsa veterans from Hot Salsa Zone.The Djs on the wheels of steel were Dj Bz Black, Dj Jefferies mau mau and Dj Abel.

The day was a success for many reasons, but most of all because of how people came together to share. The global epidemic of HIV and AIDS is close to the hearts of many, and the more awareness is raised the more connections can be made for this worthy conviction.