TSSSA Youths Lead Sierra Stars Fundraising Efforts

22 December 2008 at 23:10 | 2801 views

By Sanpha Sesay, PV Texas correspondent.

As the year comes to an end, and as the unity gradually returns, the Texas Sierra Stars Soccer Association (TSSSA), based in Dallas, has announced that the young members of the TSSSA will now lead a massive end-of-year fundraising efforts, including a colorful social event (dance) scheduled in the eve of 2009.

The move came about when the president of TSSSA, Mr. Patrick Dangawalli(photo) announced that the change was designed to foster peace, unity and progress in the Association. This is a new approach to offer the young people massive role in the organization is in line with the new vision of the current executive to engender harmony that would move the organization forward in 2009 and beyond. Dangawalli said “it is time for the young ones to learn from our experience so that the organization will continue to grow with new innovations at this crucial time in our existence”.

According to Dangawalli, this new all-inclusive approach aims to encourage fresh ideas that would be systematic, progressive, and would create the best possible chance to enhance the leadership capacity of the young players. The time commitment, organizational skills and sacrifices that they have been demonstrating are vital experiences the youth need to learn, he stressed. As the young players assume more responsibilities, the Financial Secretary, Mr. Alie P. Koroma will be there to guiding them especially in the handling of money and educate them with leadership techniques as well as honesty. They will have to deliver their fundraising report and all finances at the general meeting after the dance, Dangawalli said. They have to be aware that they are serving under the discretion of the existing executive, he added.

The program of events has not been announced publicly by the team leader, Sorie Tejan, but source closed that there will be a presentation of awards to the best players of the year, contributors, new executive members, and especially active members of the club.

At the final meeting convened to arrange the welcome dance of 2009, members of the club expressed enthusiasm to push forward the goals of the club despite differences, and have reiterated their candid support of the club president, Patrick Dangawallie’ leadership.

The leader of the youth, Sorie Tejan stated that no matter what other people may say or talk about their Team Manager/President, it is in their conviction that Dangawallie will continue to be their leader whom every member of the club should be answerable to. “Apart from being the financier of the club, Dangwallie also share his vision and pride to us as feature leaders, and encourage us like his biological children in our challenges to score our utmost goals”, another member asserted.

Mr. Tejan said tickets for the fund raising dance will be sold only at the gate on the occasion day to ensure honesty and transparency. He advised all members of the club to cooperate with discipline and order, and that no exceptions to anyone who violates laws will suffer the full penalties. The fundraising ticket is priced at $15.00, but will appreciate bigger donation from any source, Mr. Tejan humbly appealed.