Letter to editor

"Tom is not a killer"----Stallone

4 August 2007 at 22:41 | 779 views

My name is Mohamed Kallon, commonly known as Stallone, former bodyguard to Rtd. Col. Tom Nyuma.

I am currently living in Belgium, and I am concerned about the recent attack on Tom Nyuma by bodyguards of Ernest Bai Koroma, the APC presidential candidate. I think the incident is a calculated ploy to bring down the good image of a decent former military officer and war hero in the person of Tom Nyuma.

I am genuinely concerned and worried about Tom’s safety. He is such an asset that the country cannot afford to lose him at this point in time. Those who will play a role in harming Tom Nyuma will always pay the price by all means necessary.

Tom was my boss and I became his bodyguard for a long time. This was even before the war started. Tom was deployed as the commander in charge along the Kenema axis between Jura and Daru. By then he was a second lieutenant. I was one of the soldiers attached to his commanding unit. And since that day, up to date as I am talking to you, I have respect for him, and I will always pay him my loyalty.

Tom is not only a special person to me, but even to our country Sierra Leone. I know him and I know how honest and patriotic a citizen he is.

Tom loves his country. He is a true soldier that fought honestly to save that country. He has respect for everybody. He is a disciplined person who will not support even his own soldiers to do any bad thing to another person. He will express his discipline and at the same time hold on to his relationship with his soldiers.

Tell me, don’t we need that kind of person in our country for whatever I really don’t care. But the point I am making here is the fact that, Tom is a fine citizen that should not be exposed to such brutality against him by people I will refer to as “Scouts”.

I would like to say to the whole world that Tom is not a killer. Now this is how I got to know about the incident: My brother called me at 6 am that very day. He told me “Bo yu man don get problem oh...densay ee want for go kill Ernest Bai Koroma.”

I was surprised but at the same time replied to him that Tom will not go that far. After two hours, I then received another call this time from Leatherboot a former colleague of mine. I was expecting Leatherboot in the US. Roughly 6/7 months ago, he called me from Guinea and told me that his wife was filing for him to join her in the States. So I answered the phone by asking him about the US. That was the time he told me that he was not given the American visa, and that he had since returned to Freetown.

He further went on to say “Chief”......as that is the way they call me; “your man Tom has a problem. But we have settled it. The situation is now under control.” Then he told me to hold on and talk to the Pa. I was expecting Tom’s voice. But the person announced himself to me as Ernest Bai Koroma. I don’t know him and I am not a politician. So I cannot ascertain as to whether it was actually Ernest Bai Koroma that I spoke to.

He told me that he is Ernest Bai Koroma, and that he has just been told that I am one of Tom Nyuma’s main boys. So he was calling to tell me that all is now settled and that I should also talk to Tom.Then I said okay.

I called another senior military officer who is a personal friend of mine. It was he who told me that Leatherboot was the man who actually led the team to attack Tom. I was shocked but not surprised because, this very Leather boot is a deceiver who left us to join the RUF.

To me, the APC has done all of this. Maybe they have promised Leatherboot something only God knows. Look at the other name I am hearing, “Sorieba”. Sorieba was one of those boys Tom personally took care of more than even my very self. So as far as I am concerned, nobody will take me away from the conclusion that APC has a hand in all of this.

My message is going out to those who may want to hurt the following people: Tom Nyuma, Marda Bio, John Benjamin and former vice president Joe Demby. I am saying that who so ever hurt any of these four gentlemen; he or she will be picking up a personal fight with me. I will make sure that such people pay for what they would have done to any one of them. My message to Akim is to warn him not to commit another blunder for the second time. His first mistake was to abandon the military only to become a bodyguard to Foday Sankoh a rebel leader. I will advice him to stay away from committing another blunder.

However, let me allay the fears of all Sierra Leoneans that I am only referring to people who might want to harm the people I mentioned. Peace-loving Sierra Leoneans have nothing to fear. I am also a Sierra Leonean like any one. I love my country and I am a true patriot. This is why I am even suggesting that those who are good citizens should not be harmed.

Mohamed Kallon (Stallone).