Letter to editor

These girls need help

21 November 2007 at 05:06 | 934 views

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in your highly respected news outlet to enlighten many people about the seriousness of the crazy war and the devastation it left behind.

Some revolutions such as the slaves against their masters, wars for independence from the colonialists or so called barbaric masters can be justified, but the crazy war fought in Sierra Leone cannot be honored and regarded as a war for freedom, it was hooliganism, cannibalism and thievery.

I am sure many people will agree on the fact that much money has been wasted and more money will be wasted whilst thousands of innocent victims are suffering. We can see the physical damage on amputees but far beyond, there are thousands of children devastated and thrown far back. The cries of these young people are bitter and deep but not many people turn to help or want to hear their voices. The last government did not do much to help children that are victims, many of these children became liabilities on poor humanitarians who sheltered them and gave them little comfort.

Here is one such case, Nanah Sesay-Kamara an abandoned girl only to be rescued by Mama Yillah Kamara.She was very young and in class four at the Roman Catholic school in Kamabai when hooligans struck the area. Her father and her three brothers were killed. The mother escaped with her and they arrived in Freetown where they thought they were safe.

In January 1999 when the rebels invaded Freetown and many people were running for safety, she lost her mother. Brutal illness attacked, but Mama Yillah who took her stood firm to help her girl and she is still helping her. She sent her to a training program to study food and nutrition and she graduated two years ago(see photo).

Yes, bravo to Mama Yillah, but Nanah is still a victim of the ruthless war because she does not have the basic solid education to enable her rise up or get a job. She is very ambitious and she is making all possible efforts but more help is needed. She is now 20 years old and a pretty young lady with very little chance to emancipate herself unless adequate help is given to her. She needs help from any good servant of God so she will have a chance to improve herself but when will help come? There are countless young women in the same boiling water crying but their hopes are behind dust and dark clouds. Will help come?

Please note that there are so many young girls like Nanah and many of them are now in difficulty because they have babies and nothing else to do. The future of these young women are in dark clouds and unless adequate help is provided, our cities and towns will be crowded with destroyed girls and their children.

I hope many people will make contributions to this article and call the attention of our government to help these young girls. Millions of dollars are spent on the Special Court whilst poor innocent young girls are intensely suffering. This is not right because it will add more problems in the future and the Special Court will not be there to award any thing to these victims.

Adequate help was not given to these poor young girls, and enriching judges and lawyers of the so-called Special Court is still the game. The war brought much benefit to gun producers, Ms Foday Fatu Sankoh and some Sierra Leoneans who were able to grab (illegally) portions of donations given to Sierra Leoneans.

If justice is what the international community want for Sierra Leoneans then justice for these children must be done. They should receive enough help from our government. Educate them and bring them to the levels where they will be suitable to care for themselves now and the future.

Thank you.
Sorie M. Jawara.
Washington D.C. (USA).