The New Innocents

19 July 2013 at 02:11 | 13242 views

By Isabel Costa.

About two thousand years ago, the Roman emperor Marc Anthony gave the title of king to a foreigner called Herod the Great (photo) who was an irreconcilable enemy of the Jewish people.

That king unleashed on the Jews a period of terror and tyranny that showed in all his actions, driven by greed and a proud disregard for his subjects.

He did kill his wife Marianna, three of his children and anyone who conspired against him together with a large number of aristocrats of Judea who were falling one after the other under the blows of his brutality.

When he was old and embittered by their crime, there arrived in Jerusalem a caravan coming from the East that asked for the "king of the Jews who had been born." He was immediately seized by a tremendous concern because he felt threatened and feared for the stability of his kingdom.

After a few days, he ordered to be killed all children born in Bethlehem of two years old and under.
This action, which now seems a big monstrosity, has not disappeared because laws protect it in many countries, permitting the continued killing of thousands of creatures that are yet unborn. Now it is called abortion, but the result is the same: the death of the innocent and defenseless.

This situation is causing on the one hand a lower birth rate and therefore a decline in young people and older people increasing, leading to retirement costs.

The solution proposed by some governments to legalize euthanasia, which they emphatically call "death with dignity" leads to killing old people who can no longer produce.

I think it is time to change that mentality of death and destruction and create a flow based on principles and a culture of normal life that is in accord with human nature, the culture of life.