Letter to editor

Thank you, Mr. President

26 September 2009 at 21:46 | 790 views

Dear Anthony,

Thanks a million times for covering this story (President Koroma endorses APC Party Secretariat’s decision, Conteh concedes defeat). I am happy that President Koroma has reaffirmed my conviction that he is the best Sierra Leonean to move Sierra Leone from the ruins of war and the subsequent governance failure of the SLPP. I now confirm what many of my elders, the President’s contemporaries, have been telling me; that EBK will act but he will not rush to make decisions. My hat is off to the President!

However, President Koroma would have served our party’s interest better if the interim executive were neutral people who had no hands in the rancor that has engulfed our party. Alternatively, the President should ensure that no member of the interim body could contest the next chapter elections in fairness to those who might want to contest.

When the dissolved executive was forced upon our throats due to visible undemocratic pranks and actions, the President listened to our complaints but took his time to understand as he has done now. Those of us who were strong supporters of the forward thinking Comrade Unisa Bangura conceded defeat for the sake of peace. Now in the best interest of our party all of this should not compromise the newness of our party.

Within the APC some of us were called SLPP sympathizers and collaborators. My mother was abused as I have never heard before, in the most graphic terms — all by some APC members. Nevertheless, in the BEST interest of our party, I believe now that the decision to keep SOME members of the executive is not in the best interest of our party.

Now that the President has reacted based on cumulative complaints and events, I call on His Excellency the President again to set the standard for a better APC North American Branch. We owe it to the the American People whose Real Democracy we enjoy here and we owe it to our party which calls itself the New APC.

The Time For Real Change Has Come!

The Struggle for a better APC and Salone continues from within and out!!!!!


Foday Morris Ceesay

California, USA.