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Thailand is paradise for digital nomads

3 June 2024 at 18:06 | 412 views

By Niluka Kavanagh, Founder @ ImagineThat | Building The World’s First Business School for Digital Nomads and Solopreneurs, Creator, Speaker, Marketer

It’s Monday and many of us wish we could be working somewhere beautiful.

Perhaps an island in Thailand for example?

The following news may be your answer ⤵

Previously, Thailand only offered 2 months to stay in the country without a VISA for UK citizens.

After that you had to leave.

You could re-enter, but that was always on the discretion of the country.

It was a nuisance and working remotely had its limitations.

This has now changed.

The DTV (Destination Thailand Visa) has been designed especially for remote workers.

For a modest fee of just £215 digital nomads can now stay for up to 6 months straight and legally work here online.

Want to stay longer?

They can renew again for another 6 months - one year in total.

This is going to attract MANY professionals with remote freedom who will want to do a longer stint here, perhaps escaping the winter months in their home country.

It’ll also boost the Thai economy.

A win-win situation.

Yet again proof the future really is WFA (Work From Anywhere).

A global marketplace of talent exists that is gaining more and more location choice...

The question is, which countries will win them over most?