Letter to editor

Take it easy on Dr. Sama Banya

21 September 2009 at 03:13 | 979 views

By Alpha Lebbie, Boston, USA.

I keenly follow the news on SaLone via the internet since I live in the diaspora. This is one way I keep in touch with motherland.The deluge of analyses, opinions and forthright reporting is made possible because the internet as yet cannot be censored.

I read Dr. Banya’s column in The newpeople.com online newspaper always. Sometimes, I am incensed by the brevity with which he points out issues. Like for instance, in one of his columns after the heavy August rains in Freetown which resulted to loss of lives, he wrote:

" Why do our people insist on living under those horrible conditions in the slums that they have created in very dangerous locations?’ For his part," We in the conservation society and other environmentalists have continued to sound alarm bells of the dangers of our disregard of the way we continue to abuse the environment."

His commentaries receive condemnation just because he had once served in both parties and did very well in both. Maybe he is a true nationalist.

Extend our condolences and sympathy to our people in Shenge in the wake of the boat disaster. May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace.

This brings me to the question of the people’s security when they boats are overloaded right under the nose of the Police working at those terminals.

If the police cannot do it, why not pass it over to the Anti-Corruption Commission, which seems to be the only honest department in the country right now.Their agents should police the waterways, even in concert with agencies concerned from Tokeh to Shenge, Mattru Jong and Bonthe. One single decent police officer at the loading dock to put a stop to this overloading could have averted this fatal accident.The high cost of gas and road trips make sea travel less costly, but dangerous.

When this sea accident happened, I reflected on what Dr. Sama Banya, the medical doctor, now columnist had written after the rain accident and he is justified in his opinion.

We may be poor but should endeavor to protect and secure ourselves. If the boat is overloaded,come down! Do no not put yourself in harm’s way.The poda poda is overloaded,come down!

If the doctor writes sense,respect him for that, for it is far easier to write essays than to be a medico.