SLAJ Symposium on Media Ethics

20 August 2010 at 01:36 | 1280 views

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Date: 18 August 2010



Freetown- The fifth edition of the SLAJ Monthly Symposium will be held on Friday, 27th August 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at the association’s conference hall at 56 Campbell Street, Freetown. The topic for this month’s symposium is MEDIA ETHICS AND THE PRACTICE OF JOURNALISM IN SIERRA LEONE.

The rationale for the topic is for journalists to clearly distinguish the ethical principles involved in quality reporting from the universal capacity for conveying facts and opinions. To date, attempts to classify the attributes of journalistic practice have encompassed professional traits or values, journalists’ criteria of quality or excellence, and the elements or principles underlying journalism. Professional standards are the bedrock of journalism, so ethical principles must be applied in journalists’ day to day practice. The symposium is however aimed at analysing media contents in line with the IMC Code of Practice, and discussing ways of reporting ethically.

SLAJ in collaboration with the BBC World Service Trust will present Anthony Howson of the BBC, and Bernadette Cole, Chairperson of the IMC, both personalities with varying degrees of years of practical and academic experiences as journalists, to serve as speakers during the symposium.

Special invitation is extended to all journalists, editors of newspaper houses, producers of radio stations, students and prospective students of the Mass Communication Department.

The SLAJ Monthly symposium is funded and co-organised by the BBC World Service Trust. The aim of the symposium is to build the capacity of the media in Sierra Leone as well as engender healthy and well-informed debates on key issues of national importance.

For further information please contact the SLAJ Publicity Secretary, Mr. Sayoh Kamara on +232-76/77 622 501 or Ex-officio Executive Member, Mrs. Williette James on +232 76 725 753.

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Photo: SLAJ president Umaru Fofana.