Sierra Leone Soccer Ambassadors in the Diaspora for 2010 tournament

6 June 2009 at 05:42 | 3129 views

By Sanpha Sesay, in Texas.

It is in the intention of a football legend, former Leone Stars goalkeeper, Mr. Patrick Dangawalli to initiate a quick action plan i to restore the image of football again in our country.

Dangawalli(photo) started the movement soon after he returned from Freetown in April and took up the first step by going around the States to urge interested individuals to join him in his genuine intention by establishing a Diaspora soccer club.

The club, which shall be called Sierra Leone Soccer Ambassadors in the Diaspora (SLSAD), will constitute young players who have been playing effective football in the United States and those in Central Europe.

According to Patrick, other players across the globe are also welcome to the club but should have a proven ability to play professional football in their resident states and cities.

Dangawalli told PV that the soccer Ambassadors will travel to Freetown on December 2010 to launch the club by playing a series of matches at the National Stadium.

The former goalie said he has discussed his plans with the Director of Sports, Mr. Bai Kabia, the Defense Minister, Honorable Paolo Conteh, and the President of National Heroes Foundation, Mr. Umaru Deen Sesay, all of whom were enthusiastic to give Dangawalli support.

He added that he is making these efforts not only because he loves the game but to make a vital contribution to the national development of Sierra Leone. Patrick believes that football will contribute a lot to our Gross National Product (GNP) and our general economic development if government steps in.

In his tour around the states, Dangawallie visited the state of Maryland where he met with D.D Abu, and familiarised himself with the officials of Sierra Leone football club in that state. After his tour, Dangawalli will include his 2010 plans in the agenda of the conference to be held before the kick-off in this year’s soccer tournament hosted by Ohio in July, for his plans to take a soccer team that will include 20 players and six officials. The six officials will constitute professionals coaches and administrators.

Dangawalli is also working relentlessly to search for sponsorship and to inform Sierra Leoneans that his efforts are genuine and to let people realize that football is an important engine in economic development.

To register for the Soccer Ambassadors in the Diaspora (SLSAD), it is crucial that players or SLSAD officials contact the man himself directly on the phone: (817) 705-8547 or this reporter: