Sierra Leone: Prominent Soccer Player Zagalo Apologises

6 April 2013 at 19:43 | 2572 views

Editor’s note: Sierra Leonean soccer international Alfred Zagalo Sankoh (photo) has been having some bad press lately over his relationship with the coach of the national team and on the encounter with Tunisia. He has eventually decided to apologise. Here is his apology:

I would like to clear things up on Tunisia versus Sierra Leone. Firstly I would like to apologise to every Sierra Leonean, again to both the FA and the Technical Staff for the misunderstanding and my action in Tunisia. I was going to keep quiet but with everything that has been going on, I have to explain myself as there are two sides to every story.

I am very proud to have been given an opportunity to represent Sierra Leone at youth and first team level. I am very committed, competitive and passionate about my job and especially where Sierra Leone is concerned. I have and will always do whatever I can to represent Sierra Leone if or whenever I have been given a chance to represent Sierra Leone.

For the records, I have huge respect for Mr Mattsson and I appreciate what he has done for my country. My transfer from Stromsgodset to my current club Sanliufarspor was driven my ambition to play for Sierra Leone and my respect for Mr Mattsson as I consulted him first before making my decision as he told me going from Norway to Turkey was a step forward in my career.

Last year, we had 3 games, I knew I would not be able to play all 3, but I knew I could take part in at least 1, which I did. However, I received lots of criticism for going to the national training camp knowing I was unfit, even though, those critics forget to remember I was involved in the last of the 3 matches for Sierra Leone.

I have had a good start to my career in Turkey and I am very proud to have played over 20 matches for my club this season. I felt that would have boosted my chances to start the Tunisia game, so when the starting 11 was announced, I was very disappointed as I am a competitor and I have really worked hard this season. However, as it a national team issue, I had to put my unhappiness aside and get behind the team as no player is bigger than the team.

I have sent my apologies to both Mr Mattsson and the FA for the misunderstanding and I want all the gossips and negative energy to end so I can get on with my life. I also want to thank my team mates who have consoled me during such a difficult time.

Editor: See, in the video clip below, Alfred Zagalo Sankoh scoring a goal during a soccer game in Europe: