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Samuel Sam Sumana’s two options

By  | 17 March 2015 at 19:20 | 2677 views

Now that the Vice President of Sierra Leone Samuel Sam Sumana has decided to seek refuge in the American embassy in Sierra Leone, claiming his life was in danger and that his house has been vandalized (both accusations denied by the ruling party) he only has two options now. Here they are, the way I see it:

Political exile in the United States
1.Sumana may ask for asylum in the United States which means he would have relinquished his position as Vice President and preferred a life in exile where he will be a nobody. His wealth will quickly run out due to the very high cost of living in the States. This is the country where multi-millionnaires can easily become penniless like the boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

2. Sam Sumana was at one time doing business with some American businessmen to whom he allegedly owed money.They at one time tried to sue him but because of his political position as Vice President of Sierra Leone that project failed. Going back to America is like him going back to the Lions’ den with his eyes open.

3.Another sojourn in the United States means will have to start life all over again, something that is likely to be traumatic to him and his family. Also, his businesses in Sierra Leone will suffer and possibly die due to his absence.

Staying at home and reconciling with the APC family.
1.Sam Sumana is not the first APC senior appointee that has been expelled from the party. They are numerous and most of them have appealed or begged for mercy and today most of them hold prominent positions in the government. The same thing is likely to happen to Sam Sumana if he decides to follow the party line and settle down quietly.

2. My reading of the whole scenario is that the APC wants Sam Sumana to forget about the flag bearer or presidential candidate position as the party gears up to prepare for the 2018 elections. The party knows that the opposition SLPP has in their line-up some formidable candidates that can easily defeat Sam Sumana if he were to become flag-bearer due to his past.

3. President Koroma is man of peace, a man of God; moreover, he is married to a relative of Sam Sumana, Mrs. Sia Koroma. All Sam Sumana has to do is to call President Koroma from his hide-out and ask for a meeting in which he could beg for mercy and hey, presto, this hullabaloo will be history. But Sumana has to be contrite and remorseful for this to happen. He has two swallow his ego and move forward. The Americans will, I am sure, gladly facilitate such a meeting. President Obama and President Koroma are friends... well, that’s the impression I have.

4. Sam Sumana is still young and has a future in politics but needs to take a break for a while and concentrate on his businesses. Everybody who has lived out of his country knows there is no place like home. By reconciling with the APC he can still enjoy the nice weather in his country and interact with his people who still call him Chief and give him the respect due to a chief of the Kono people.

5. Sam Sumana has lived in America for many years before returning home to become Vice President, one of the greatest achievements in Sierra Leone politics. He will never become a Congressman (parliamentarian) not to talk of being Vice President or President of the United States of America.

Sumana should know better. No place like home. He can also easily reconcile with his Kono brothers and sisters once he is okay with the party and the government.

Photo: Samuel Sam Sumana.