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Reply to Emmerson’s Coconut Head

10 August 2020 at 18:30 | 4186 views

Sierra Leonean musician Emmerson Bockarie (photo) recently released a new album called 9 Lives and one of the songs in that album is titled "Coconut Head." Here is a response to some of the things he said in that song including accusing the current government of doing nothing in two years. The response is from an anonymous source:

1. President Bio launched and supported the operationalization of Sierra Leone’s first Sexual Offences Model Court ( Manifesto commitment relating to Rule of Law).

2. The Government of President Bio has repealed the Criminal and Seditious Libel Laws contained in Part 5 of the Public Order Act of 1965 ( Manifesto Commitment relating to Press Freedom.)

3. Introduction of Free Quality Education (Manifesto commitment delivered).

4. Recruitment of 2,500 health care workers

5. Commissioned 48 hospitals across the country

6. Increased Salaries of Teachers by 30%

7. Recruited 300 females in the army, first ever in the history of Sierra Leone

8. Increase of pension from le15,000 to le250,000

9. Increased salaries of Government workers by 15%

10. Approved le 18.3 billion to Freetown city council to transform Freetown

11. Commissioned the construction of two universities: one in Bonthe and the other in Kono.

12. Offered scholarships to all students offering Mathematics, Agriculture, Geography, Biology and Engineering

13. Introduced and sustained National Cleaning Day on the first Saturday of every month till the outbreak of Covid 19.

14. Approved solar Light to be installed in all districts

15. Renovated Sierra Leone parliament to a modern Level

16. Commissioned Juba Atlantic Bridge

17. Revived and supported National Union of Students ( NUSS)

18. Supported the rehabilitation of all Government Boarding Home schools

19. Supported a drone corridor in Njala, the first ever in the sub Region

20. Retrieved le 21 billion Leones from corrupt politicians

21. Commissioned 16 District offices of the Teachers Commission

22. Reversing of 6-3-4-4 system of Education to 6-3-3-4

23 Approved 106 schools across the country

24. Payment of debts left by the past Government

25. Reviewed and amended the Anti Corruption Act

26. Controlling of Government Deficit Borrowing

27. Launching of first Africa Block chain and Decentralized Digital platform under NCRA

28. Commissioned the construction of the National Diagnostic and Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment center

30. Launching of Social safety Project and provided cash transfers through NacSA.

31. Renovation of Teko Centre Veterinary Laboratory

32. Introduction of Free University for students pursuing science and Technology courses as well as medical disciplines

33. Increased Revenue in Fisheries and Marine Resources to an unprecedented 100.5 Billion

34. Rehabilitation of five Electricity Sub stations in Western Area

35. Construction of 406 Hand Dug wells,125 boreholes,22 rain water harvesting systems, 301 Public sanitation Facilities,200 Rain gauging stations and 20 ground water monitoring stations across 6 Districts ( Koinadugu, Falaba,Kono,Kambia, Pujehun and Bonthe

36. Launching of USD20 million in establishing a flour mill with a capacity of 2500 meter tonnes a day

37. Construction of Car wash centers, youth farms, fisheries project and youth service schemes

38. Reconstruction of a state of art Myonhaung officers Mess that includes 104 bed rooms single officers complex

39. Establishment of 190 chiefdom and 16 District Youth Councisl Nationwide

40. Fighting Corruption and illicit Financial flows

41. Introduction of Free University Education for three children of every school Teacher with at least Ten Years Teaching experience

42. Commissioned the construction of Kenema Tongo and Koidu Road

43. Connection of Internet Connectivity to 500 schools, colleges and 15 Public Hospitals

44. Commissioned the construction of a shopping mall and a Bus Terminal at Lumley