Letter to editor

Reaction to the recent health workers’ strike

30 March 2010 at 02:08 | 692 views

By Les Selva Rajah.

The health industry is one of the most critical services in any country. The health of the people spreads, that means if people are sickly then it will also spread even to the rich and healthy. The health profession should not strike, its bad and it attempts to hold the country at ransom. Very bad to do so. However, the government has to defuse the strike and obtain emergency help from India and even China where there are a lot of doctors. The long term solution is to talk to IMF about a development plan and funding eventually.

Critical services:- eg health, defence, police, education and transportation have to be consistent and universities and Vocational Institutions should relax entrance requirements and increase intake to have human resources numbers up and supporting the needs of beloved Sierra Leone.

By Alhaji H Mansaray.

I think it will be a mistake to dismiss those doctors and nurses.They have to find a way to resolve the situation. Even if the government accepts to pay the doctors 500 dollars it is still not enough. Look at also the teachers in sierra leone they are all very very poor people,in some cases students have to provide lunch for their teachers .These people should be considered as heroes in our land.Today if you are a politician, police or a lawyer you grow fat,WHY?