Letter to editor

Reaction to Oswald Hanciles’ article

29 October 2010 at 04:56 | 1168 views

Dear Mr Hanciles,

Thank you for your contribution to this important discussion. I am the CEO of Africa Felix Juice, the company (tenant of First Step) that will produce the mango juice concentrate you mention in your article.

Be assured that there is no risk of mango disappearing from the markets around Freetown and Sierra Leone in general. This (is) because if the logistic work is properly done the margin for the farmer is higher than if we would buy the fruit for juicing. To compete in this truly global market (with our high energy and supply chain costs) we are forced to pay a certain type of price to farmers. What we can guarantee though is that if the fruit is in good condition we will process it. No mango will go rotten anymore. Kind regards.

Claudio Scotto.