Letter to editor

Reaction to BMI article

21 November 2010 at 00:57 | 849 views

Dear Editor,

It would be interesting to know if our dear Katherine of BMI has ever used the Freetown route before? But then again if she has, she would have turned LEFT and not RIGHT like most of us would usually do!!!

I am resident in the UK and a frequent flyer to Freetown (at least twice a year) with BMI - reason being, it has a direct route. Please note that I did not say it provides a service. I can assure you that I speak on behalf of a number of Sierra Leoneans based here in the UK. Inflight service is nonexistent, cabin crew are rude, seats do not always meet health & safety standards and leg room is another matter all together. To top it up, I just find the fares to be RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS for whatever ’service’ they might be claiming to provide for a 6hr 30min flight!!!!!

But then again things might have changed. Christmas is round the corner so we wait to see if BMI lives up to the words of our dear Katherine.

Waiting patiently,

Esther Wilson,