Letter to editor

President Ernest Koroma has made history

5 September 2008 at 07:25 | 944 views

Good Greetings Gibril,

Gibril, thanks for bringing this wonderful news (president Koroma’s recent declaration of assets) to us.

President Ernest Bai Koroma,has made history in Sierra Leone. Presidential Declaration of Assets, is a new phenomenon in our country. To the best of my knowledge, it has never happened before. He campaigned on the issue of corruption and now he has set the pace on the way to solving it.

Now, others in high places, Ministers, members of parliament, heads of Parastatals, must follow suit etc.
They must. Otherwise, they should be let go. If the President did it why not anyone under him?

This Government must be applauded for helping to strengthen the ACC under the leadership of Commissioner Abdul Tejan Cole, by passing the ANTI-CORRUPTION BILL 2008. Now the ACC has the tools to fight corruption in Sierra Leone. Most important among them is the PROSECUTORIAL POWER. What is the use of the ACC if it cannot prosecute anyone? What if it has some evidence against the Attorney-General? Previously it could not do anything, but now it can, because it has independent Prosecutorial Powers. This is great for Sierra Leone.

Another important aspect is the protection that must be given to WHISTLE BLOWERS. This is very good, because you cannot prosecute, without any evidence, whether documentary or in the form of Testimony, given by witnesses. Now, Sierra Leonenans will know that the citizenry are also policemen and women who may report them to the ACC if they are corrupt. This will certainly serve as a deterrent to corruption.

After corruption is wiped out completely, our people will now turn to the Private Sector, to work hard to better themselves, instead of going into politics for nothing except self enrichment. They will open businesses and employ people thereby contributing to national Development. You will have less people looking for Government Jobs.

Young people will learn trades and will be able to sustain themselves in the future.

Then you will find out that people will enter into Politics merely to serve their Country and not for self enrichment only.

Now we want to make sure that the whole judiciary is completely independent. Once the country is safe, there is Law and Order, investors will come and the country will surely move forward.



SaduBah, Esq.

Photo: Lawyer Mohamed SaduBah.