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Poetry: We Rise Again

1 January 2018 at 17:04 | 9173 views

We Rise Again

By Jacob Palmer, New Jersey, USA.

I saw the morning sun rising from its night-time slumber
Peeping through the mountain peaks and rolling hills
Slowly but steadily creeping up on a sleepy and weary nation
The cocks in the barnyard heralded the dawn of a new day
Cawing as loud as they can as they stirred up a tired people
grudgingly we all rise to start a new day
not knowing what the future would hold for me and them
We rise with hope but not with joy
We rise with the strength of our fathers and their fathers
We rise with courage to do the right thing
We rise as a nation exhausted but smiling
We begin this new day ambitious as ever
Never losing hope for a better tomorrow
Our sweat will see us through this day
Our tears will make us stronger for tomorrow
We hustle and jostle for food on the table
We toil and labor as our fathers before us
We cried when we fail but tried again and failed
We smiled and danced when we made it at last
For the Gods are with us till we can dance no more
Yes we rise together as a nation with hope
We rise together with the morning dew
Caressing our weary but rested souls
We rise together we toil we cry
we smile and we dance together
We listened but cannot hear the beat of the drums
Yet we know that we have to dance
And we rise up again…just to dance!

© Jacob Bami Palmer
New Jersey, USA.