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Poetry: Old Pa Demba’s House: Judgement Day

17 December 2009 at 23:09 | 1164 views

Old Pa Demba’s House: Judgement Day

Mohamed Kunowah-Tinu Kiellow, The Netherlands

Cunning Rabbit:
A chicken that does not hear the shh-language
will invite stones all over him in the end
Bra Spider, nearly a year ago I warned
you that your idle fantasy about the White Stuff
making you the only white Bra Spider swimming
in banknotes will land you in hot waters
You never paid heed to my cunning advice because
you thought you were an untouchable
Now the Hands of the Law Men have dug your early
grave at the Home Old Pa Demba

Bra Spider:
Indeed, I was living in a fool’s paradise;
a paradise that made me impetuous
the Elysian Fields that turned out to be a nightmare
After all the efforts I made to play a game that would earn
me more money the White Stuff money never came like manna from heaven
Now I am going to face the hazards of a prison life

Cunning Rabbit:
You boasted of having OGA ministers who
would come to your aid if the situation became worst
Where are the members of the Executive Mansion who would come to your aid?
Where are the Arata Generals who would nolle prosequi the allegations against?
Where are they now?
They all have and will let you rot in the corridors
of House of Pa Demba while they with relish continue
to enjoy themselves with the ill-gotten gains
of the White Stuff that the Flying Ship brought to
destroy the lives of innocent children in our Mama Salone

Bra Spider:
Indeed, the Hands of the Law Men know no mercy
The strong arm of the Law Men has sent me to the
infamous Old Pa Demba House
where I am going to spend five rainy seasons of my brittle life
Will my brittle bones survive the cruel intentions
of the people I considered my benefactors?
Will my children and wife survive my absence in their lives?
Will they survive the brunt of the global crunch that is
killing the poor daily?
The terrible floor-bed I will sleep on in the precincts
of the Home of Pa Demba will shorten my days in this land of you-go-sober

Cunning Rabbit:
You see, you told me in our last exchange that there
were none so blind than those who could not see.
I could not see and perceive the through-drug rich guys in
their expensive cars roaming the streets of Freetown
I did not admire them because I knew they were killing our children slowly
Now, you see, you now find yourself in a mess
because you failed to hear the call for an attitudinal change
Therefore there is none so deaf than those who cannot hear
Go into Pa Demba’s Grave and enjoy the Black Stuff that you never yearned for
and feed unwillingly on the Stuffy Black figment of your illusions

Bra Spider:
They are coming, they are coming
The people who are going to control my
life for the coming five dry seasons
The Stuffy Game has ended stuffily for me.
But will my Stuffy Black end stop the Iron Eagle
from landing its White Stuff in Mama Salone?
Is that well nigh? May God help the lazy Lion Mountain!

Amen !!