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Poetry: Eldred Durosimi Jones at 95

7 January 2020 at 20:20 | 1567 views

Poem written by Prof Kosonike Koso-Thomas to celebrate Prof Eldred Durosimi Jones’ 95th birthday (January 6, 1925).

Celebrating Eldred at 95

Look you not at this figure on the couch,
Thinking there’s no reach left to his mind.
Those who see not the marks of age still crouch
Round him amazed at knowledge refined.

If you go back to those long glory years,
Learning we sang was better than gold.
No one then challenged that ditty with snares
‘Twas the song that braced our ancient mould.

He came from that cast, and soared to greatness,
Leaving trails of accomplishments,
Each of which remains unique and dateless
Deserving of our pride and compliments.

This state still boasts of tutors from that mould
But it decries others’ lust for gem.
The old once taught for love, now it’s for gold;
A corrosive practice to condemn.

So ratings fall round education’s helm
While the pilot steers out of the wreck,
Ignoring all the changes from which they stem;
Mast to rudders and anchor man’s cheque.

On this couch, is he of whom we still boast;
A treasure rare in these fishing fields.
We’ve lost so much of the value of most,
No wonder we fish out such poor yields.

Eldred’s been there feeding many offspring
By whom he is blessed and most adored.
He’d fed them with knowledge from his wellspring
Wanting no thanks or hint of reward.

And those blessings we’ve counted more than once
To see what gifts God to him has brought.
Medals for excellence from college dons
Sit aside awards from places he’d taught.

Symbols depicting brilliance unchallenged,
Hang round the couch on which he reclines.
Here is literary talent acknowledged;
A southern star that still brightly shines.

Here also is intellect unfettered
Caught in the whirlwind of thoughts random,
Of glory days from which he’s been severed,
To enter into a troubling dawn.

May his achievements bring him lasting peace
As he reflects on footprints he’s made
On the sands of his time, whose glare will not cease
And whose memory will never fade.

Professor Kosonike Koso-Thomas