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Poem: Rain dear in Africa

By  | 27 December 2009 at 05:02 | 1555 views

Rain dear in Africa

Even as the festivals heighten here
People and their stock die elsewhere
Advent, Eid, Hannukah synchronized
Hey! There is no rain in eastern Africa
Nyasaland, Ethiopia or Tanganyika

You don’t say, I kid you not, no tease
UN hollers for dollars to fight disease
Say desperaste, so don’t feel patronized
Sure as Santa couture,elves and reindeer
Unrest assured that, out there, rain is dear

Think resorts in cozy, balmy America
Think Kilimanjaro as Everest in Africa
It must be time they too feel humanized
They may be far, not here or rosy roam
Folks know not it’s Christmas back at home