Letter to editor

Please help save Mariatu Kamara!

10 November 2007 at 23:48 | 1326 views

Dear Editor,

Kindly help so the bitter cry of Miss Mariatu Kamara will be heard . She is crying for help because the deadly sickle cell disease is about to destroy her and her dream to be educated will become dust.

I have been helping Mariatu but my help is not enough because she needs more assistance as the deadly disease is becoming more aggressive.

Mariatu(pictured) will be destroyed if adequate assistance is not rendered.Mariatu Kamara will highly appreciate a donation from any God loving person(s).

Mariatu Kamara is now in the care of Mr.Fasineh Kamara and Mama Yilla at no. 12 Waterside Road, Tengbeh Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

She can be reached through her home phone: 011-232-22-236039. Interested individuals can call Mariatu or Sorie M. Jawara, 202-541-1579.

The good God works his will through his kind servants so kind people should allow God to direct them to help in this rescue operation. Mariatu will win through your help and that of other people. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Sorie M. Jawara