Letter to editor

On the new SLBC Director

25 August 2010 at 00:12 | 859 views

By Aroun Rashid Deen, USA.

I wish him (Elvis Gbanabom Hallowell) well. I do hope the government and other established media manipulators will allow him to do his job in an efficient, independent and fair manner.

While some SLBC staff may have favored other candidates for the Director’s position, (they have a right) but they hold a responsibility to work assiduously with their new Director. I hope they abide by their sacred duty regardless of who is in charge. My advice to them is: Do not undermine him!

I should also wish two of my SLBS friends and mentors, Babatunde Roland May and Cyril Juxon Smith, who also applied for the position the best of luck. I’m sure their wanting to become Director was based largely on their driven commitment to see the long-neglected broadcasting institution take its place in the ranks of 21st century radio/TV broadcasting.

Photo: Aroun Rashid Deen.