Letter to editor

My heart continues to bleed

17 October 2007 at 11:58 | 1229 views

One of the several ’’ VERY UNPRODUCTIVE’’ IMF( International Monetary Fund) conditionalities that were imposed on the Government of Sierra Leone(SLPP Government) which they adhered to was that government should impose a ’’ WAGE BILL CEILING’’ for teachers---which basically translate to-----teachers should not be paid more than a certain amount regardless of qualification, experience etc.

Fact: When you look at the data it points out that there is widespread illiteracy in rural Sierra Leone.Question:Why did the SLPP enact such measure which will worsen the situation in multiple folds?.

As a result of the ’’WAGE BILL CEILING’’ we now have a situation wherein teachers from the universities and training college are currently out of jobs-----they prefer to give private tutorials at moderate prices, but still cannot be afforded by many, due to chronic and rampant poverty.

One of the most disastrous effects of the ’’WAGE BILL CEILING’’ is that it prevents government from employing teachers who are trained and qualified----beacuse the wages are too low----instead, schools especially in the rural areas have no option but to hire untrained and unqualified teachers.

This situation contributes to the large pool of untrained and unqualified teachers in schools, which impacts on the failing standards in education. There is a clause which states that IMF will review and make the necessary adjustment to the wage ceiling as they (IMF) see fit----I am still trying to get hold of the document---will post the document on the forum as soon as I get hold of it.

This completely boggles my mind------it is a fact that the majority of the individuals who have occupied the Executive and the legislature in Sierra Leone originate from rural Sierra Leone----One will expect them to empathize with the situation.

Inhabitants of the rural areas are very disadvantaged the least the authorities could do is provide them with PRIVATE BOARDING SCHHOL EDUCATION---so that the cycle of poverty can be prevented----but they choose to look the other. I think this is one of the issue that needs to be addressed immediately by the new government. MY HEART CONTINUES TO BLEED.

Engr Pierre Lightfoot-Boston.